Color Laser Printing & Copying

Our color laser printers produce offset like quality in record time. Hard-copies or multiple complex design documents printed & finished into folded brochures,  stapled or bound booklets. ReproGraphX stocks a multitude of specialty materials such as clear & white self adhesive sheets, labels, image transfers sheets, waterproof sheets & more many more materials that can be used to create imaginative unique solutions.



If you intend to use your prints in a secondary process, inquire whether the prints will be appropriate for your use. The quality paper commonly used for color laser printing may not  allow secondary printing in an inkjet printer.  The coating on the paper may prevent the inkjet ink from drying. The toner on a laser print may stick or transfer to the other laser printer’s fuser. Production ReproGraphX can offer you a custom alternative solution appropriate to your end needs.[/wpcol_1half_end]